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Baptist Health Receives $1.65M Grant!

Baptist Health Nursing & Rehabilitation is one of six medical facilities in the greater Capital Region that will receive grants totaling nearly $32 million as part of a $491 million state initiative to provide better health care to New Yorkers.

The state money is designed to preserve and expand patient access to high-quality care through a transformative effort to get health care facilities ready to meet future health care needs.

“Now, more than ever, we need to protect health care in New York and ensure the system in place is meeting the needs of current and future generations of New Yorkers,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in announcing the grants.

Antonio Alotta, administrator of Baptist Health, said the facility will use the $1.65M grant to offer care to bariatric patients — those who are extremely obese. This will be subacute care, which is short-term inpatient treatment for those recovering from surgery or other weight-related procedures before going home, as well as long-term care, for those unable to live at home.

Baptist will convert six beds in its existing subacute rehab unit and six in its long-term care unit for the new bariatric care unit. The state grant will pay for the renovation and for such specialized equipment for large people as wheelchairs, beds and ceiling-mounted lifts.

“It’s mostly accommodating the equipment that’s the main thing,” Alotta said. “The equipment is very expensive.”  There is a need for this type of facility, he added. “We think we’ll be filling a needed niche in the community, a needed service,” he said.

Baptist was very happy to learn of the grant.

“I’d like to thank the Department of Health, the Dormitory Authority and the the governor,” Alotta said.


What Folks are Saying…

Applause for Baptist Nursing in Scotia

As I reflect back on tNewspaper articlehis past week (May 9-13), notably National Nursing home week, it is encouraging to me to praise the efforts of the activities staff at Baptist Nursing and Rehab facility in Scotia.

As a volunteer at this residence, one may say I have a bias in their favor. And that could very well be true, for as a retiree from the health care provider world, I still wanted to be involved in a well-run, compassionate, caring institution.

I applaud the efforts of this committed group of people who take each individual resident as a human being with a past in which one thrived and allowed a revival to occur. This past Friday culminated the week with a talent show where these unique residents sang, danced the Macarena in wheelchairs, and played the piano to an audience uplifted by the experience.

I say well done, Baptist Nursing and Rehab. Keep up the good work.

` Nancy Jane Batten, Schenectady


Dementia Seminar with Teepa Snow

Teepa Snow

Our recent educational seminar featuring Teepa Snow was a great success.

Attended by 230 family and professional caregivers, some from as far away as Maine, New York City and Rochester, our dementia seminar provided Teepa Snow’s unique perspective on how dementia patients perceive the world, and gave caregivers new insight on how to be more effective in their efforts.

Baptist Health System is so happy to have been able to present this seminar, and are even happier to announce that we will bring Teepa back to the area in May of 2019.

Stay tuned for more information!