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Applause for Baptist Nursing in Scotia

As I reflect back on tNewspaper articlehis past week (May 9-13), notably National Nursing home week, it is encouraging to me to praise the efforts of the activities staff at Baptist Nursing and Rehab facility in Scotia.

As a volunteer at this residence, one may say I have a bias in their favor. And that could very well be true, for as a retiree from the health care provider world, I still wanted to be involved in a well-run, compassionate, caring institution.

I applaud the efforts of this committed group of people who take each individual resident as a human being with a past in which one thrived and allowed a revival to occur. This past Friday culminated the week with a talent show where these unique residents sang, danced the Macarena in wheelchairs, and played the piano to an audience uplifted by the experience.

I say well done, Baptist Nursing and Rehab. Keep up the good work.

` Nancy Jane Batten, Schenectady


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